The overall objective of SHAPES is to facilitate and strengthen the co-operation between EU Small Hydropower (SHP) Research and Market actors, with the overall objective of streamlining future research & development and promote R&D results in order to enhance penetration of SHP and know-how with the EU and on new markets in developing countries.

 The SHAPES actions include seven work packages:

  • WP 1: Co-ordination, in line with FP6 procedures
  • WP 2: Creation of a network of SHP research bodies (at least 100 bodies will be identified) & inventory of R&D programmes (European and National) with the purpose to prepare the ground for a research infrastructure, entailing the identification of major research actors and contribution to shape future R&D European priorities for SHP sector (in the area of mechanical, electrical engineering, environmental integration and civil works)
  • WP 3: Training of SHP specialists (thereby ensuring uptake of research results in the SHP field). Training of professionals with specific industry needs (specially in issues such as environmental integration of SHP plants)
  • WP 4: Promotion for the refurbishing of existing SHP plants, identifying potential sites and enhancing future investments, and developing standardised methodologies for upgrading old sites
  • WP 5: Promotion of new technological solutions for SHP use in existing infrastructures (e.g. irrigation channels, canals, waste water and drinking water networks), to increase the energy value of existing infrastructures by generating electricity on the basis of small hydropower.
  • WP 6: Promotion of SHP solutions for sustainable development, to transfer know-how on SHP as a solution for rural electrification
  • WP 7: Dissemination, to entail a coordinated dissemination plan, and promotional tools through conferences and workshops.

SHAPES project is partially financed by the European Commission - DG RESEARCH- under the FP6 Programme. SHAPES project will run for two years (December 07 - December 09).


  • Undertake RD&D evaluation and coordination as an input to the European research area
  • To explore synergies and common R&D areas with other renewable energies technologies
  • To create a strong communication network of the main SHP actors in Europe, that will allow a coherent dissemination of SHP research activities
  • Enhance the educational base thorough developing a SHP curriculum
  • Strengthen market penetration of key technologies with low environmental impact and high potential in Europe (multipurpose plants; irrigation channels, canals, waste water and drinking water networks), and ensure the refurbishing and upgrading of existing plants, with high potential in Europe by identification of potential sites and mobilising investors.
  • Promotion of SHP solutions for sustainable development, to transfer know-how on SHP as a solution for rural electrification

The proposed action wants to make a major contribution to the future development of R&D programme (Framework Programme 7) within the EU, thereby thereby ensuring that the SHP objective for 2010 as outlined in the White Paper “Energy for the future: Renewable Sources of Energy” (COM (97)599 final) will be reached as well as the contribution to the RES targets foreseen for 2020 under the new RES DIRECTIVE.  By streamlining research and by the creation of favourable market conditions for SHP, not only their further uptake and market penetration will be promoted, but also the position of the European Small Hydropower Industry and Research community is strengthened.


Here you will be able to download the main deliverables from the SHAPES project.


  • European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA), Belgium 
  • Fondation du Laboratoire de Mini Hydraulique de Montcherand (MHyLab), Switzerland
  • Institute of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering from University of Natural Resources (IWHW), Austria
  • Studio Frosio (Studio Frosio), Italy
  • Dulas (DULAS), UK
  • Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN), Poland
  • Water Management Faculty, University of Agriculture of Lithuania (WMF), Lithuania
  • The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India
  • Acciona Energia (Acciona), Spain
  •  Water Tirol Services (WT),  Austria

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